How to: App feature - Event Chatroom

What is it?

Through the Citizen Ticket app, organisers and attendees can use the Event Chatroom to share information, make plans and get excited about your event!

Why should I use it?

As an organiser, the Event Chatroom gives you the opportunity to communicate in a relaxed, friendly way to your attendees, building relationships and loyalty. Ticket buyers can also chat amongst themselves, to share plans and their excitement about your event.

The Chatroom has a limited lifespan after each event, giving everyone the chance to share their thoughts and reviews (we’ll be adding a photo share function soon too).

We’ve got lots of other updates planned which we’ll be adding soon, so stay tuned!

How do I do it?

Open the Citizen Ticket app on your phone, click the CT logo in the top left hand corner and select ‘My Events’:

Citizen Ticket Event Chatroom - my events

If you have multiple event dates, select which one you’d like to view the chatroom for:

Citizen Ticket Event Chatroom - select dates

Select ‘Event Chatroom’:

Citizen Ticket Event Chatroom - event chatroom

Select ‘Chatroom Settings’ and ensure that it’s enabled:

Citizen Ticket Event Chatroom - chatroom settings

Now kick the conversation off! Type your message and hit send for it to be visible to Chatroom visitors, and they’ll be able to join in!:

Citizen Ticket Event Chatroom - write message

(We’ll soon have a notification feature so participants will know when there are new messages.)

Get chatting! Download the app for iPhone and Android

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