Why roll a bowling bowl when you can throw an axe?

This was my first thought when I heard about this new urban sport from the team behind Black Axe Throwing Co, and I was so right!

Forget bowling, throwing axes, eating pizzas and drinking cocktails is now the only way to get your leisurely thrills!

Black Axe Throwing Co introduced this sport to Scotland in Feb, in the form of a pop-up alternative valentine’s day experience.

What we found?

Instead of bowling lanes you’ll find axe lanes! These lanes are long cages with a chipped wooden target at the end. Friendly instructors were waiting at each lane to turn you into an axe throwing badass.

After the axes were thrown and you had earned your lumberjill & lumberjack stripes, Pizza Geeks had a lineup of tasty pizzas and cocktails to enjoy.

What we found out?

Throwing axes is not a test of strength, it’s a test of skill - making it an ideal sport for everybody and anybody from your metrosexual boyfriend to your granny!

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable way to get your treats & thrills and we can’t wait for the next Black Axe Throwing Co event!

There are whispers of more pop-up events across Scotland, a permanent venue in Edinburgh and possibly a festival.

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