If you’re an event-organiser, artist, or venue, you will have heard of, or perhaps fallen victim to, the dubious practices of ticket touts and secondary ticket resale websites. These types of organisations mass purchase and hoard your event tickets, to generate unethical profits, by re-selling them to your fans at an extortionate price.

We at Citizen Ticket think this is wrong. Unlike other traditional ticketing platforms, Citizen Ticket can provide you with a solution…

Welcome to the future of Blockchain event ticketing (watch the video below):

Now that you understand what a Blockchain is and our benefits, let's talk about you...

Blockchain technology is relatively new and we understand you may be hesitant to move from traditional ticketing platforms.

What you need to know is that Blockchain technology is being implemented across the globe right now, in multiple industries. Most international banks are now upgrading to Blockchain to secure international transactions. In short, blockchain is the future of secure transactions and want you to be part of it!

But, most importantly, ask yourself these three questions…

  1. Are you sick of ticket touts and secondary ticketing resale sites making huge, unethical profits at your expense?

  2. Are you fed-up of them ripping-off your fans?

  3. Are you tired of there not being a safe and transparent alternative to sell your event tickets?

If the answer is yes to any or all three of these, we need to talk...

Unlike the ticketing monopolies that currently dominate the market, Citizen Ticket is an independent platform that strives to make ethical change.

(Photo credit, SkatePal - charitable partner of Citizen Ticket)

Our ethos can be summarized as three rock-solid pillars, we…

  1. Fundraise and donate a percentage of our profit to charity find out more
  2. Provide fair and transparent pricing find our more
  3. Deliver honest, secure Blockchain ticketing find out more

So, we are asking you to be brave and break from the corrupt status quo and use Citizen Ticket for your next event.

In return, we promise to protect you, your tickets and your fans.

Please call or email our co-founder Phil (details below), day or night, he won’t mind ;-), to discuss your events, ideas and next steps.

Together, we can implement Blockchain technology to make positive and lasting change to the events industry.

Contact Citizen Ticket co-founder:

Email Phil now: phil@citizenticket.co.uk

Contact Citizen Ticket:

Email: info@citizenticket.co.uk
Phone: 0131 290 2112

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