Specialising in bringing their knowledge of blockchain to non-technical audiences, Unblocked Events host Creatives: Unblocked on Friday 29th June. At this day-long event at Rise London, unravel how the technology can enhance creative industries like music, film and media, and the new business model opportunities it presents.

Our very own CTO, Colin Palmer will be speaking at the event, discussing how our platform and underlying technology is helping to combat the issues which are becoming part of everyday life for fans - touts, counterfeiting, bulk-buying, and highly inflated reselling, sometimes through sister sites of the big industry players - and the often sketchy world of ticketing, more transparent and trusted again.

Colin recently had a chat with the Unblocked team, click here for the full interview and a taster of what to expect at the event.

Although we - and Colin especially - could talk about Blockchain all day, there’ll be loads of other professionals who work with the tech discussing how they’ve used it to their advantage throughout the day. People like Maria Tanjala of Film Chain which collects and distributes film revenues, Dan Fowler of JAAK which is simplifying content licensing for music and media, and Daniel Hyman of SingularDTV, an entertainment studio empowering artists to manage their projects from development to distribution.

Panels will delve into the benefits that Blockchain can provide for royalty payments, copyright enforcement, and artist-centric platforms, to establish businesses that are trusted by both creators and consumers alike.

For more info on all speakers, panel topics, and to buy tickets head here.