With so many great features available to organisers and their events, we thought we'd give you the lowdown on some of our favourites that can help make your event a success. First up, After Sale Pop-up.

What is it?

Send customers a personalised message after they’ve purchased tickets to your events using our After Sale Pop-Up feature.

This pop-up can be used to remind customers about some essential event info, direct them to your website or social channels, or just to say thanks!

How do I do it?

Head to your event dashboard, then to ‘Setup’, and click on the ‘After Sale Pop-Up’ square.

Simply enter the message you want customers to receive after their purchase in the box.

You also might want to direct them to your website, your Facebook page or event, or a survey. This can be done by highlighting the word you want to link, clicking the link icon, and entering the URL.

For more formatting options, such as how to add bullet point lists, select the help icon.

When you’ve finished writing your message, click the eye icon to see a preview of the message customers will receive.

If you’re happy, click save, and customers will start to see your message from the next ticket purchase!

Log in to your organiser account now to try it out.

PS, this also works for free tickets!