Feel good ticketing

You might have noticed we have a new slogan.

Our new slogan has been chosen to truly reflect our core brand values; a focus on providing a great client service and customer experience, creating ethically-driven tech (such as our transparent blockchain technology), and stay in keeping with our charitable DNA.

Without further ado, our new slogan is... Feel good ticketing!

Booking fees for a brighter future

For the first half of the year of 2019, we ran our 50% booking fees for a brighter future campaign. It has been an ambitious campaign that pledged to give back a net 50% of our booking fees taken to a charity chosen by the event organiser.

Now, after 6 months it is time to assess the impact this campaign has had.

We’re happy with the difference this campaign has made to our charitable partners, such as PIPS - a mental health charity local to Belfast, Fawcett - a gender equality movement based in London, and Social Bite - a mission to end homelessness in Scotland.

However, there’s been a lot of learning points for us to consider when deciding how to continue:

  • Some charities were rarely chosen, meaning we were making very small bank transfers - often less than £2 - a logistical nightmare, and minimally impacting the charities,
  • The mix was not wide enough for all and suggestions were individualistic - which again, dramatically increases our administration,
  • If we ever had to turn down a charity suggestion it had a negative feeling for everybody involved - not exactly in keeping with our new slogan,
  • For many events a charity was never picked - meaning the impact these ticket sales were having was nil,
  • Finally, if the organiser wanted premium services from us then we couldn’t afford to donate the net 50% (as per our terms) - which never quite sat right.

Moving Forward

The great thing about being a start-up (well, there are many!) is that we can learn and adapt quickly, and keep on experimenting. We’ve pulled our team together and told them to get on their thinking hats. Our learnings from the last charity campaign - based on anecdotal evidence, gut feelings and raw data - has pushed us to create a new, more refined charity initiative.

In case of doubt, if you’ve already picked a charity for your event, we’ll still donate those booking fee contributions. And if you’re a large charity or non-profit event foundation, we'll still be continuing this initiative going for you - please get in touch when setting up your event.

Moving forward we’ve decided that every ticket sale will contribute towards a charitable cause regardless of organiser input or of our service provided.

We’ve also decided that it’s important to more easily quantify the impact we’re having, so we can more effectively pass on those feels to our organisers and their customers.

And by focusing our efforts to a single cause, we believe we can create a much bigger impact than what was previously possible.

Tickets for Trees

Yes, we’re going to plant trees.

We all believe - and we think you do too - that the environment needs every bit of help it can get. So from today going forward, every single ticket bought & sold on our platform will go towards planting a tree - eventually a wood, and onto woodland. We've partnered with The National Forest, a wooded landscape for the nation across 200 square miles of Central England, to help make this happen.

It makes us really excited to think that a hundred years after an event listed on our platform has finished, there will be a little bit of it’s legacy still living on; absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and contributing to a local ecosystem full of flora, fauna & critters.

As an organiser, you won’t have to do anything (nor as a customer!). Just sit back and relax, keep using the platform as usual, helping us grow. In return, we’ll contribute 5p from every ticket and donate it to the National Forest - helping them grow trees right here in the UK. We’ll even send you a report at the end of your event to let you know how many trees you’ve helped to plant.

Aligning our goals like this really makes sense to us. We’ve always pushed for paper-free tickets, our servers are all running on green energy as of earlier this year, and at Citizen Ticket we value long term growth and sustainability over short term profits.

Something tells us the trees would agree.

If you have any questions or comments about our plan going forward, we’d love to hear from you - please get in touch via the usual channels.