Magical Festival, The DANI Awards and Hoxton Hall will be the first events and venues to implement blockchain technology to protect their customers and fans.

Up until now, blockchain technology has been mainly used to power cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but it’s potential is much greater. Blockchain’s transparency and immutability by design, make it a prime technology to disrupt and improve many industries.

The events industry is one of them, plagued by major problems including ticket-touts, fraud and counterfeiting.

Ticket-touts in particular, have created a £1bn-a-year industry, where they use software to hoard hundreds of tickets at once, stopping fans purchasing their tickets at a fair price, or in some cases even attending. They then re-sell the tickets to the fans for highly inflated prices on resale platforms.

Blockchain offers the solution. Magical Festival, The DANI Awards and Hoxton Hall will lead the way for the events industry.

Magical Festival

Magical is a boutique family-friendly, 3-day arts & music festival, inspiring people to be their best, most positive and confident selves... and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

Yello Balolia, Director of Magical Festival comments:

“We were instantly drawn to using BitTicket, as the fully transparent blockchain system is perfectly aligned to Magical’s ethos of openness, and challenging existing ways of thinking. It’s great that even small festivals can benefit from this brand new technology.”

“One huge benefit of this pioneering system is that event producers know who is actually attending the festival, rather than who purchased tickets. This ensures an accurate line of communication with attendees, making it a win-win for our customers and Magical.”

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The DANI Awards

The DANI Awards is delivered by Smart NI and is Northern Ireland’s premier Digital Industry Awards, celebrating the digital, tech and creative industries sector.

Naomh McElhatton, Director, Smart NI comments:

"Due to the significant growth year-on-year of the DANI Awards, we knew we had to discover a more secure method of selling tickets, which would protect against fraud and ensure that every ticket sale is traceable.”

"At DANI & SMART NI we are all about celebrating innovation, digitalisation and discovering unique ways of doing things. We couldn't wait to partner with Citizen Ticket to roll out this brand new technology.  We are delighted to be the very first company in Ireland to pioneer this new technology."

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Hoxton Hall

Hoxton Hall has been an East End landmark since 1863. It’s first event on the blockchain will be Female Parts: The Shorts; three short monologues that explore what it is to be a wife, mother and immigrant.

Nia Shaw, Marketing & Events Coordinator, comments:

“We’re thrilled to be working with Citizen Tickets at the forefront of technological innovation to ensure that our customers’ data is protected and that their experience is as straight-forward as possible.”

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