We're very excited to be working on such an incredible and unique experience.

Following The Fleet: Drifters, skilfully delivers a beatboxers interpretation of sound for black and white silent documentary! Unbelievably delivered and unlike anything we have ever seen before.

It's much more than a screening or beatbox show. We highly recommend you watch the video below to fully understand the experience...

drifters promo from AlbinoMosquito on Vimeo.

The astonishing live vocal score to John Grierson’s groundbreaking 1929 silent documentary Drifters, is provided by Internationally renowned beatboxer and sound artist JASON SINGH.

This UK Live tour will be visiting six former major fishing ports on the UK’s East coast, from Scotland to Norfolk.

Following the Fleet: DRIFTERS presents Jason’s atmospheric score alongside new artistic interpretations of Britain’s fishing heritage and future, performed live by a diverse range of artists from poets to DJs across the country.

Citizen Ticket is very excited to be working on the Edinburgh leg of this UK Tour. This astonishing and mesmeric experience is being shown at the Destiny Church in Leith, on Saturday 5th of August. You can buy your tickets here.

This experience was created by A Kind of Seeing in partnership with LeithLate.

A Kind of Seeing is curator/producer Shona Thomson developing and delivering innovative community engagement projects across cinema, live music and performance. Driven by a passion for connecting archives and shared heritage with place, A Kind of Seeing projects are collaborations with artists, venues, festivals and communities across Scotland, the UK and internationally.

LeithLate is an arts organisation and community project, responsible for a number of public art initiatives in the Leith area, including The Shutter Project and The Mural Project, alongside the now infamous annual LeithLate festival.


“It was so powerful and so beautifully done. The soundtrack was every bit as big as the image you were seeing and it’s very, very hard to do that – to get the sound as powerful as the film. I thought it was thrilling, genuinely properly thrilling. I loved it.”

Mark Kermode - BBC Radio 5 Live, The Observer

This bold and captivating experience is for anybody seeking a unique and creative event.

Tickets – http://ctzn.tk/Drifters
When – 5 August 2017
Where - 12 Casselbank Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5HA