What is it?

Sell tickets to your event directly through your website. Our embed widget uses a small piece of code to show available tickets wherever you’d like them to appear on your site.

Why should I use it?

When customers are engaged with your event content on your website, providing them with the option to purchase there and then, without having to leave the page, can increase sales, and what organiser doesn’t want that?!

How do I do it?

*NB, this guide uses Wordpress as a website example, the process will vary for different website management platforms.

Login to your organiser account, and on the event dashboard, click ‘Income & Sales’, and then ‘Embed Widget’.

Choose the ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ theme, depending on your preference, or what best suits your site.

If you’d like other people - for instance artists who are performing or partner brands - to be able to place the widget on their sites, check the ‘Show 'Put this form on your website' button’ box. This means the code will be able to be publicly viewed and copied.

Highlight the Embed Code (by dragging your cursor over the text, or clicking in the box and pressing CTRL + A (PC) / CMD + A (Mac)) and copy (by right clicking and choosing ‘copy’ or pressing CTRL + C (PC) /CMD +C (Mac)).

In another browser tab, direct to your website and login as an admin.

Locate the page, or pages, where you would like the Sales Widget to appear.

Select the ‘Text’ tab, and choose the ‘code’ button.

If necessary, enter some copy about your event, then place your cursor where you’d like the Embed Widget to be placed. Paste the Embed code by right clicking and choosing ‘Paste’, or pressing CTRL + V (PC) / CMD + V (Mac).

Select ‘Preview Changes’ to see how your page will look, if you’re happy, click ‘Update’.

Visitors will now be able to buy tickets from your website! These are replicated as they appear on your Citizen Ticket event page, either in list, group, or calendar format.

Login to your organiser dashboard now to give it a go!