In our next how to guide, we're having a look at our Sales Digest feature (previously called 'Email Report') to help you keep track of your ticket sales.

What is it?

Get the latest updates on your event’s ticket sales on a day (or days!) and time of your choice.

Why should I use it?

Monitoring sales performance can help to assist with promotional strategies, forecasting sales and budgets, and operational planning.

By receiving these automatic reports, you’ll know exactly how your sales are performing against your targets, and be able to identify when to implement and manage marketing activity.

How do I do it?

Head to your event dashboard, click ‘Sales’, and then Sales Digest.

Sales Digest location

Select the check box for ‘Send me a report digest for my event's sales and stats on the following days’

Sales digest receive

Select the check boxes underneath each day you’d like to receive a report, and enter a time for these to be sent.

Sales Digest dates

If you want multiple people to receive these reports - eg your marketing and operations managers or an artist agent - as well as yourself, simply enter their email addresses in the ‘Also send to’ box, separated by commas. You can also add recipients’ names to help avoid spam filters, just pop them in like this:

Sales digest multiple recipients

Click save, and wait for the sales to roll in!