Today we are proud to announce the introduction of a brand new feature to your Event Dashboard - the Emails & Newsletters panel.

Now you can easily create and schedule an email blast to your attendees list with interesting or important information, or with updates to your event.

For all new events from this point, we've included an Event Reminder email 24 hours before the event - which you can easily customise using this tool.

Follow these steps to create your email:

Step 1. Click the Emails & Newsletters square in your Event Dashboard
Step 2. You'll see a list of your existing newsletters. Note that for most events, you should limit your emails to maximum 3. We recommend one for any important information, an event reminder, and a follow up email. You should already have an Event Reminder ready to go.
Click 'Add Newsletter' to add another one.
Step 3. Choose a template from the dropdown - there are currently three basic layouts, with more on the way. Let us know if there's one you would like to see in particular!
Step 4. Customise your newsletter.
Set a scheduled date and time for your email to be sent out to your attendees.
Set the Email's subject, which will appear in the recipient's inboxes.
You can choose a different reply-to address if you would like attendees to be able to email you directly by replying to the email that is sent to them.
To edit the email itself, click on the text you would like to change - and start typing! It's as simple as that. You may notice certain 'variables' in 'handlebar brackets' such as {first_name}. If you use these, (key to the right,) they will be automatically mail-merged with the relevant values when they are sent to the users. In example, {first_name} would become the ticket owners' first name, e.g. John. You can use these fields in the Subject line, too.
Step 5. Before Activating your email, please preview it first by typing your personal address in the 'Preview' field and clicking 'Send Preview Now'. Then check your inbox for the actual email users will receive.
Step 6. When you are happy, activate the email and Click Save!

Anybody who has bought a ticket to your event and is subscribed to our events notification list will receive the email at (approximately) your scheduled time and date.

We hope you enjoy empowering your event using this new feature!

P.S. As a user, you may opt out from Event newsletters from your Personal Profile or by following the unsubscribe link in any email you get sent.