unDependence Film Festival

unDependence is an independent film festival that sets out to explore the theme of dependence. The initial idea came about during the 2014 Scottish Referendum, which sparked national and international debate about the nature of the relationship between independence and dependence. Although originally played out on Scottish and UK national stages, the competing ideas of independence and dependence very quickly transcended political ideology to play out in ordinary, everyday life. Students, first time filmmakers and film agencies were invited to explore their own ideas of dependencies, independence and/or un-Dependence through short films, documentaries, animations and experimental film.

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With Scottish independence now firmly back on the debating table, unDependence is as pertinent today as it was in 2014.

unDependence Film Festival

In much the same way as the once narrow political debate over independence evolved and grew to involve just about everybody, unDependence now has a wider, more inclusive aim to grow their festival beyond “arthouse” towards a wider, more diverse audience.

“We want to open up film and discussion to the general public, and introduce people from all walks of life to this art form.”: Anne Rushing Pop Up Scotland

Already, this years festival has received well over 200 submissions from 33 countries, including UK, Russia, The United States, Germany, Iran and Australia.
What unDependence films might lack in terms of million dollar budgets is more than compensated for by the sheer levels of artistic and creative thinking, innovative ideas and dynamic, inventive storytelling.

It seems entirely fitting then, that unDependence films will be showcased in the coffee shops, pubs, popular community hubs and community centers of Scotland, rather than big budget corporate cinema chains.

The creators of the unDependence festival, Pop Up Scotland, are a creative social enterprise which sets out to promote the arts in Scotland. With the overall aim of introducing easily accessible arts, artistic opportunities, innovative ideas and education direct to the communities that make up Scotland, this year's festival will represent a huge step towards fulfilling this ambitious goal, when the unDependence Film Festival opens in Stirling as well as Edinburgh.

As if all of that wasn't more than enough to look forward to, The unDependence Film Festival will also feature creative workshops during the day, and film screenings in the evenings.

Tickets are £5


20 April 2017 - http://ctzn.tk/undep-edi-0
21 April 2017 - http://ctzn.tk/undep-edi-1
22 April 2017 - http://ctzn.tk/undep-edi-3


27 April 2017 - http://ctzn.tk/undep-edi-4
28 April 2017 - http://ctzn.tk/undep-edi-5
29 April 2017 - http://ctzn.tk/undep-edi-5