So we know you all sit around thinking to yourselves, what have those Citizen Ticket guys been up to?

What exciting things can I expect to see?

What are their hopes, fears and juicy gossip?

So in no particular order and from a very general perspective, here is a little update.

Some News

  • We are in the Finals of the Scottish Edge programme. This is a competition aimed at supporting innovative and high growth projects with financing and mentoring. There were originally some 300 companies in the running, so we are majorly chuffed to have got this far. The Final is on Tuesday the 29th of May at Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling if anyone wants to come see the pitch of a life time (we hope).
  • We are now fully GDPR compliant. We feel smugger than a school kid who has done their homework a week early.

Some cool features we are rolling out

We have literally tonnes of new feature coming out (some of which are top secret) but some you will see very soon are:

  • The ability to book hotels and Air BnB’s near the events you are attending without moving off our site. This will make planning any trip very easy and hopefully save you some leg work, or scrolling time.
  • If you are a current organiser with us, you may have used our aptly named ‘magic link’, well it's about to get better! The Magic link allows you to turn your ticket purchasers into an army of promoters, after they've purchased their ticket they will be given the opportunity to send tickets to their mates for rewards.
  • Our all new singing and dancing phone app will be available soon on all App Stores, so keep your eyes pealed and your ear to the ground.
  • Also look out for Citizen Radio making an appearance in the not so distant future.

Money Stuff - boring but important

We are in the process of completing our second round of financing. We can’t say too much on this at the moment but we have been very encouraged by the amount of people that have shown a genuine interest in investing in our vision.

We have had to take on this financing to keep up with the demands of our event organisers and their events. It’s obviously a great endorsement of our product & service and we're excited to continuing growing.

1 Hope – Glastonbury 2021 secured by BitTicket

1 Fear – Pitching in front of a 300 person live audience at the Scottish Edge Final

Bit of Gossip – There could be a folding phone by 2020… didn’t they used to exist and weren't they called flip phones...?

Interesting Fact – More people think the earth is flat in 2018 than in 1949.