We're back, putting the elation' in 'public relations', with another instalment of what we've been up to.

Multi-arts festival Fringe by the Sea has been keeping us busy the past few months, and culminated with the ten-day event last week in North Berwick, Scotland. As well as assisting with the event in advance - creating event pages, ticketing options, promotion of shows - we spent some time onsite, ensuring the success of the ticketing for the 30k person festival.

Following this, we've got loads of other great events coming up including Magical Festival, EH6 Festival, and Loch Lomond Live to mention a few, check out everything coming up on the site.

When we're not onsite, there's obviously lots of other stuff happening at CT HQ, so we thought we'd give you a little taster of this, as well as some jazzy stuff that will be available on the platform soon:

What goes down in the office

  • Bi-weekly ideas sessions (with beers) - Five minutes - on an egg timer - per team member to pitch an idea to be built into the platform. Majority rules, so sell your idea and get cheers of yes, it gets built, otherwise, it's into 'deep freeze' (developer terminology for Davy Jones' Locker).
  • Our Super Mario KPIs board - We don't spend our days trying to rescue Princess Peach, but this dashboard keeps us motivated with a different Mario noise everytime we hit a target - sales, new organisers and events, and visits to the site. You know it's been a great day when you've had to turn this off for being too noisy.
  • Weekly non-work-related riddle - Serious kudos for solving, and you an lord it over everyone. This week: "If we eat fish of St David’s Day, Crab on US Independence Day and Goat on Christmas Day, what do we eat on Halloween?" Sensible answers welcome by email.
  • We've grown a sunflower taller than the person who planted it, slightly concerned it may outgrow our office before we do...

Coming up soon

  • Community section - We want to hear from you, be you an organiser or an event goer. This is going to be a place where you can tell us what you want from us, collaborate with us, air grievances or lavish gratitude. We wanna hear it all. There might even be some treats in it for you...
  • All singing, all dancing, brand spanking new app - Search for upcoming events you want to attend, and scan tickets and organise your guestlist for events you're hosting, all with the joyful UX that we are synonymous with.
  • Block Explorer - This is very exciting for everyone, especially for all you tech enthusiasts. This will be (we think) the first ever visualisation of a working blockchain.

Thoughts on any of the above? We love hearing from you, so give us a shout. Remember we aren’t the corporate overlords that run most businesses, we are just a group of people trying to make live experiences easier and better in anyway we can.

Spread the word, spread the love and keep checking in.