Create a new revenue stream for your business, and ensure your ticket holders can re-live or never miss your events again!

What is it?

The “Watch again” feature allows your live stream ticket holders to watch your event as many times as they wish within a time period, or rent and watch the content after the show has finished.

Why should you use it?

You event is no longer limited by a start and end time, as it can be captured and automatically turned into digital content that can be rented, creating a new revenue stream for your business.

Why will your fans love it?

For livestream events, your audience will never miss your event again, no matter the circumstances.

For hybrid events, ticket holders will be able to experience your events live and after the events have finished.

How do I do it?

Event Setup - Tickets

To set up “Watch Again” on your tickets, log into your Citizen Ticket account and navigate to “Tickets”on your event dashboard.

Either create your first ticket, or if you have a ticket setup, click “Edit” on your existing ticket type.

Then select the checkbox under “Watch again” and choose the rental period format;

  • Time Period - choose a time period from which the user will be able to watch from purchase (e.g.  2 weeks, 6 days, or 36 hours etc.).
  • Cut-Off Date - choose a cut-off date for all ticket holders of this type (e.g. 19th January 2020 5:30pm).

When you have chosen the format, type the ticket type’s rental period in the text box, making sure the format is valid indicated on the right hand side. Then click “Save changes” or “Add ticket”.

An example of how to turn on "Watch Again" and set a rental period for your ticket type - click here for the guide.

You can also change the 'Sales end' date for your Watch again (rental only) tickets to end after your event has finished (click here for a guide on how to change the 'Sales end' date).

An example of how to change the 'Sales end' date for your live stream event with "Watch Again" tickets on sale.

After the event - Livestream Studio
Once your live stream has finished, close your broadcast and enable watch again in the “Livestream Studio”.

An example of "Watch again" enabled in the Livestream Studio - click here to see the guide on how to do this. .

This will make any ticket types with "Watch again" enabled display a button in your ticket holder's wallet to access the live stream rental.

An example of how your "Watch Again" ticket types will appear in a ticket holder's wallet.

The "Watch again" rental period will be advertised next to the ticket types on your event page's 'Buy tickets' widget.

Your ticket types will display the rental period set on you event's ticket widget.

Note - You can use ‘Deactivate’ (displays as “Not Available”) or ‘Hide’ the ticket types you want to remove from the ticker widget after the event has ended (i.e. Live stream only tickets, Third-Party Conference call tickets etc.) in “Tickets”.  You can do this by using the advanced options in “Edit Ticket”.  Please see the guides below on how to do this.

An example of how to hide a ticket type in advanced options in "Edit Tickets" - click here for a guide on how to this 
An example of how to deactivate a ticket type in advanced options in "Edit Tickets" - click here for a guide on how to do this.

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